New in Store 2.8.10

February 08, 2010

New Neighborhood in Store 2.8.10.Neighborhood Survive.VE Jacket. The "VISUAL EFFECT" series are in its third season as a technical product masterfully manipulating visual trickery. A complete scan of an actual stud crammed leather jacket. This unique item making high TPI cotton the actual canvas, and applying a high-tech inkjet print. The lining has been spec'ed with a glossy red rich taffeta. Available in Black.Neighborhood MP Jacket. Available in Black.Neighborhood Channel 7 Cotton Shirt. Available in Black.Neighborhood Glory Narrow Savage Denim. Available in Black and Indigo.Neighborhood Washed Narrow Level 2 Denim. Available in Black and Indigo.Neighborhood M7 Belt. Available in Black.Neighborhood Radio Wave Air Effect.Neighborhood Button 2 Metal Pin Set.