New In Store Saturday 10.27.12

October 27, 2012

New Maiden Noir in Store Saturday 10.27.12.

We are pleased to add Maiden Noir to the brands we stock with an offering from their Rise Of The Seventh Autumn/Winter 2012 season.
Maiden Noir and Porter Flow Waist Ruck Sack  Bag.  Available in Olive Drab.
Maiden Noir and Porter Travel Matryoshka 3 Piece Bag Set.  Available in Olive Drab.
Maiden Noir Rise Of The 7th T-shirt.  Available in White and Grey.
Maiden Noir Green Plaid and Cord Cap.  Available in Green.
Maiden Noir Big Camo Camp Cap.  Available in Beige, Olive Drab, and Charcoal.
Maiden Noir Standard Issue Watch Cap.  Available in Olive Drab and Black.