New in Store Thursday 12.1.11

November 29, 2011

New Converse in Store Thursday 12.1.11.
     Converse First String is a limited-edition collection that celebrates craftsmanship, authenticity and collaboration at the highest level. It is in that spirit that they launch  the all-new José Parlá for Converse (PRODUCT)RED Chuck Taylor All Star shoe for World Aids Day 12.1.11.
     Internationally renowned, José Parlá is widely known for his distinctive abstract process that blends calligraphy, collage, textures, and color to create paintings dealing with themes such as psycho-geography, urbanization, wall decay, names, personal diaries, current events, and political divisions. His paintings are symbols that depict the memory of a place, an observation, the mood of an experience, or a shared story of passing through cities around the world.   
     Using the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe as the canvas, Parlá’s painting "Ephemeral Pitches, and Notes, Rhythm and Phonetics" graces the shoe’s upper. Using an extremely high-tech laser printing technique, Parlá’s work is immaculate and vivid with a carefully color-matched representation of the original piece in natural tones of tan, yellow and grey. Additionally, subtly placed in the shoe’s interior, Parlá’s signature can be found on the shoe’s footbed as well as a repeat calligraphy pattern along the shoe’s lining. The shoe’s outsole also receives a unique painted treatment, giving nod to the artist at work in his studio. High-level construction throughout, the shoe’s design is completed with 100% organic cotton natural color laces and the signature Converse (PRODUCT)RED top eyelet.