New Neighborhood and WTaps Available In Store and Online 4.30.17

April 30, 2017

Neighborhood Brooks Jacket. Available in Black and Navy. 171TSNH-JKM01.

Neighborhood MIL-BDU Pants. Available in Black and Olive Drab. 171BENH-PTM01.

Neighborhood Long Sleeve Logger Shirt. Available in Grey. 171ARNH-SHM01.

WTaps Design Hooded College Sweatshirt. Available in Black and Brown. 171ATDT-CSM09

WTaps Design Crew Neck College Sweatshirt. Available in Black. 171ATDT-CSM08

WTaps Hellweek Hooded Zip Up Sweatshirt. Available in Grey. 171ATDT-CSM14

WTaps Hellweek Crew Neck Sweatshirt. Available in Olive Drab. 171ATDT-CSM12

WTaps Union Long Sleeve Shirt. Available in Grey and White. 171GWDT-SHM07

WTaps Khaki Trousers. Available in Black and Beige. 171GWDT-PTM03

WTaps Ranger Beanie Cool Max. Available in Black and Navy. 171MADT-HT02