New Neighborhood FW1718 Available in Store and Online 10.20.17

October 20, 2017

Neighborhood Lumbers LS Shirt. Available in Brown and Blue. 172ARNH-SHM02

Neighborhood M-45 Pants. Available in Black. 172SPNH-PTM01

Neighborhood A-Waffle Shirt. Available in Black and Grey. 172TPNH-CSM01

Neighborhood Bar & Shield T-Shirt. Available in Black and Grey. 172PCNH-ST01

Neighborhood Mil-Jeep Wool Cap. Available in Black, Burgundy, and Olive. 172FUNH-HT01

Neighborhood x Head Porter Mil-PH Pouch. Available in Black, Navy, and Olive Drab. 172YSPTN-AC03