New Neighborhood Spring Summer '18 Available in Store [Powell/Valencia] and Online Friday 4.27.18

April 27, 2018

Neighborhood Waves Jacket. Available in Black. 181TSNH-JKM04

Neighborhood SRL Cargo Pant. Available in Black. 181AQNH-PTM08

Neighborhood Washed Chino Shorts. Available in Charcoal. 181NYNH-PTM02

Neighborhood Meek T-Shirt. Available in Charcoal. 181UWNH-CSM02

Neighborhood SRL-1 T-Shirt. Available in Black and White. 181PCNH-ST11

Neighborhood Bar T-Shirt. Available in Black and Navy. 181PCNH-ST01

Neighborhood Waves Cap. Available in Black. 181YGNH-HT06 

Neighborhood NHHX Bar Helinox N-Musette Bag. Available in Khaki. 181HXHXN-CG01