New Vans Vault in Store 9.20.14

September 18, 2014

Vault by Vans x Huichol Collaboration
In Mexico’s incredible wealth of indigenous history, the Huichol have their place as a native people that has survived Franciscan mission and Spanish colonialism and retained their language and customs throughout the centuries. In the mountainous regions of Jalisco and Nayarit they continue to live much as they have, largely isolated from and sometimes mingling with modern life. Known for their yarn paintings and objects decorated with commercially produced beads, Huichol art is an intricate craft blending embroidery, beading, and color into inimitable pieces. In a prolific Vault collaboration, Vans celebrates Huichol tradition with a Slip-On and a Sk8-Hi donning the vibrant hues of a vibrant culture.
Vans Vault Huichol Classic Slip-On LX Embroidery and Sk-8 Hi LX Blackbeaded.