New Vans Vault in Store and Online 6.1.15

June 01, 2015

Vans Vault OG Style 36 LX.  (Premium Leather) Military Olive/Gold Flame.  VN000SF5FKJ
Vans Vault OG Style 36 LX.  (Premium Leather)  Moroccan Blue/Ceylon Yellow.  VN000SF5FKK
Vans Vault Authentic LX.  (TWOTHIRDS) Arona.  VN000SFGFOU
Vans partners with TWOTHIRDS to create eco-conscious footwear under the premium Vault by Vans label. Inspired by surf culture and a deep affinity for the ocean, the Vault by Vans x TWOTHIRDS collaboration brings forth Vans footwear with a sustainable message.
Based in Barcelona, TWOTHIRDS’ namesake comes from the notion that two-thirds of our planet is covered by ocean. TWOTHIRDS follows the “cradle-to-cradle” strategy with two product lines: TWOTHIRDS RECYCLED features recycled and recyclable items, and TWOTHIRDS ORGANIC with organic and biodegradable products.
The TWOTHIRDS Fish Swarm motif can be seen on the Authentic LX lace-up and relates to the brand’s love for aquatic life.  This shoe features a print handpicked from TWOTHIRDS’ archive of fabrics.
This shoe is dedicated to a TWOTHIRDS Sentinel in an effort to generate awareness of the particular sphere of activity they impact as individuals making a difference. A TWOTHIRDS Sentinel is someone who puts their talent and passion to the task of protecting and preserving our oceans. The Vault by Vans x TWOTHIRDS collaboration is dedicated to Danish artist Emil Kozak (Authentic LX).