New WTaps Fall/Winter 1718 Available in Store and Online 12.09.17

December 09, 2017

WTaps M-65 Jacket. Available in Black and Olive Drab. 172GWDT-JKM02

WTaps UDT Hooded Sweatshirt. Available in Black and Greige. 172ATDT-CSM19

WTaps Wooky Full Zip Hoodie. Available in Black and Olive Drab. 172ATDT-CSM21

WTaps Tac 02 Half Zip Hooded Sweatshirt. Available in Black. 172ATDT-CSM16

WTaps Tac 01 Sweatshirt. Available in Black. 172ATDT-CSM15

WTaps Tac 04 Cargo Sweatpants. Available in Black. 172ATDT-PTM01
WTaps Axe Hooded Sweatshirt. Available in Black. 172ATDT-HP01S

WTaps GPS T-Shirt. Available in Black and White. 172PCDT-ST06S

WTaps Home Sign T-Shirt. Available in Black, Grey, and Olive Drab. 172PCDT-ST04S

WTaps T-6 02 Cap. Available in Olive Drab and Khaki. 172MYDT-HT06