Introducing Bedwin & The Heartbreakers

Introducing BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS, a Japanese lifestyle brand launched in 2004 by Masafumi “Bebetan” Watanabe. The brand strikes a careful balance between classic tailoring and streetwear, drawing various influences from workwear, music, the military, and traditional Americana. Bedwin brings together these cultures and aesthetics to create garments that keep a tight focus on the brand's “Paramount Quality” ethos.

This season’s release includes a selection from the brand’s FW21 collection, which is now available at The Darkside Initiative. The selection is led by the loose-fit “Ewan” Big BDU Shirt, the “Rick” Flannel Check Shirt, and the selvedge oxford “Brian” shirt. The collection also includes a selection of short sleeve and long sleeve graphic logo tees, beanies, and caps.