Introducing The Salvages

Launched in 2016 by prolific entrepreneur Earn Chen and fashion designer Nicolette Yip, The Salvages began as an “archival clothing platform” for the rare and vintage goods that Chen had collected over the past two decades.

After selling the entire collection, Chen and Yip decided to build off of their appreciation for counter-culture and fashion, evolving “The Salvages” into a clothing brand with imagery and graphics inspired by both music and cinema.

Two of their Reconstructed T-Shirts are now available at The Darkside Initiative. Splicing together different tees, the Boot Reconstructed Eyes T-Shirt combines graphics from Lou Reed’s Rock n’ Roll Animal and Joy Division’s Ian Curtis while the Talking Head T-Shirt merges album artwork from both The Talking Heads’ “Remain in Light” and Radiohead’s “Creep.”